IsatData Pro

The IDP series of satellite devices and modems provides a quicker and smarter way to connect people and assets around the world: Devices IDP-680 - general remote asset management and communications IDP-690 - maritime and low elevation-angle applications IDP-800 - unpowered equipment such as trailers and containers Modems IDP 100 Series - unpackaged modems for system integration in high-volume applications IDP 200 Series - packaged modems for monitoring vehicles and industrial equipment DMR-800 Series The DMR-800 Series enables tracking, monitoring and control of fixed and mobile assets.

IDP 600 Series

Vehicle & Vessel Tracking and General Remote Asset Management

The IDP 600 series of terminals is designed for remotely tracking and managing fixed and mobile assets anywhere in the world, whether on land (IDP-680) or at sea (IDP-690).

IDP 700 Series

Integrated Dual Satellite-Cellular Communication

IDP 700 series satellite-cellular terminals allow fleet managers to realize increased flexibility and lower airtime costs for locating, communicating and remotely managing their mobile assets.

IDP 800 Series

Trailer & Container Tracking

The IDP-800 is a low profile, battery-operated series of terminals and is ideal for tracking unpowered equipment such as trailers, containers, railcars, vehicles and vessels.

IDP 100 Series

Unpackaged Satellite Modems for System Integration

The IDP 100 series of modems is designed to be embedded into larger systems and provides a communications link to track, monitor and control industrial vehicles, vessels and equipment anywhere in the world.

IDP 200 Series

Packaged Satellite Modems for Low-Cost Vehicle & Equipment Monitoring

SkyWave’s packaged modems provide reliable satellite connectivity to a variety of industrial assets in remote locations including vehicles, heavy equipment and fixed assets used in oil & gas applications.